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random_square's Journal

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ah hello
if you've found this, then you know us. and you are going to join.
you are
you are you are you are you are you are you are you are
well, i think you get the point
a perfect circle, afflecks, aimee echo, alan partridge, alkaline trio, alyson hannigan, anne mccaffrey, anne rice, anthony kedis, armando ianucci, art, audioslave, beads, bears, beautiful people, betty boop, bill hicks, billy connelly, black and red lace, blackadder, blades, bleedthrough, bo selecta, books, brandon boyd, brass eye, bring it on, broken, bush, cakes, canada, candles, captain jack sparrow, chad smith, cheese, chris morris, closer, college, corsits, creative people, crosses, dancing, danny lohner, deftones, depeche mode, disturbed, douglas adams, dragons, dreams, dressing up, drew barrymore, dumbo, eddie izzard, eliza dushku, faeries, fairuza balk, faith no more, family guy, fantasy, films, final fantasy, franka potente, green tea, gwen stefani, human waste project, incubus, inxs, jack daniels, jay and silent bob, jenny jones, jimi hendrix, jos sticks, kittie, knowing me knowing you, korn, less than jake, lit, little britain, malibu, manchester, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, marx, maynard james keenan, mila jokovich, monty python, moose's, muse, music, my ruin, natural born killers, neitsche, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, pandora, philosophy, photographs, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, placebo, politics, primal fear, prodigy, punk, purple, radiohead, rage against the machine, rancid, rayner rose-foss, red dwarf, red hot chilli peppers, reznor, rings, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, romeo and juliet, rosary beads, run lola run, seth green, shakespear, shakespeare, sharks, silver stuff, smack the pony, steve coogan, system of a down, tairrie b, tasneem roc, terry pratchett, the clash, the cure, the day today, the downward spiral, the pixies, thora birch, tool, tori amos, toy drums, trent reznor, vex red, vice city, vintage, vodka